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The only platform that connects adults with ADHD with occupational therapists for effective care, covered by insurance.

evoAi makes it easy and affordable to hit your life goals with a personal telehealth occupational therapist.
A smiling occupational therapist, representing evoAi’s personalized ADHD therapy for adults.

We Know What it Feels Like

We understand the challenges of living with ADHD because we’ve experienced them firsthand. Our founder, who faced significant obstacles in finding effective care, is committed to providing personalized and accessible behavioral care. We’re here to help you unlock your full potential.

We are Committed to Your Long-Term Success

Occupational Therapists at evoAi offer a holistic solution for adult ADHD management, enhancing daily life through skill development, customized strategies, and supportive long-term relationships.
An adult patient having an online ADHD therapy session with a therapist via a laptop, highlighting long-term success in managing ADHD symptoms.
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We Offer Flexible Care Through Our Provider Network

Our platform connects you with occupational therapists who offer flexible scheduling and collaborative care. Find a treatment that fits your life and helps you effectively manage ADHD symptoms.

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Occupational Therapists at evoAi are specialized to help with all types of concerns related to ADHD like prioritization, emotional regulation, and more. Review therapist profiles for details on their expertise and treatment approaches.


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A patient from insurance industry

Prior to my first session, I was in a dark mental health spot. Over the last four sessions, I feel better both mentally and physically, with symptoms of anxiety and depression waning. My mental health has improved over the last four weeks.

A person taking notes during an online ADHD therapy session on a tablet, showcasing the benefits of occupational therapy in treating adult ADHD.

A recent case study shows substantial benefits of occupational therapy in managing ADHD symptoms. Tailored sessions and practical assignments lead to significant life quality improvements in adults.

Avg. Life Quality Improvement

Patient A

Senior Designer

“The strategies have immediate applicability, especially at work. Restructuring my calendar and being mindful of energy loss have improved my ability to handle challenges. This positive impact extends to my home life as well.”
Patient B

Software Engineer

“Over the last four weeks, I’ve gained various strategies and had time to iterate on them to suit my needs. Applying these strategies has helped me stay on top of tasks. Additionally, I’ve developed strategies to make use of downtime before important meetings.”
Patient C

Software Engineer

“Susan is good at coming up with concrete and doable plans, not just ambitious but less concrete ones.”